May 10, 2021 at 6:30PM

Picacho Hills Country Club 

6861 Campestre in Las Cruces, NM

Speaker will be Gubernatorial Candidate, Jay Block



We are cordially inviting you to attend our meeting scheduled for April 7, at 6 pm. at the Grapevine Plaza. Our guest speaker will be David Clements, who is a Professor at New Mexico State University.  He teaches business and consumer protection law.  He has appeared on Tucker Carlson, One America News Network, Bannon’s War Room, and was an expert panelist on Election integrity at Regent University.

We look forward to seeing you at our meeting on Wednesday.

Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to share this information with other people.

Isabella Solis

April 12, 2021 at 6:30pm – 7:30pm

This is our monthly meeting where we meet, greet, share and work together. 

This month’s speaker will be Senator Crystal Diamond.  We are honored to have her as a distinguished guest.

Attendance is possible via verified Zoom if you prefer.

RPDA Headquarters
2801 E Missouri Ave
Suite 4
Las Cruces, NM 88011

Friend —

Happy Sunday!

This week, we had several seemingly small events, but this is how the biggest projects are conquered.

Last Week’s Happenings:

I met with the NMSU College Republicans and I must say these students are absolutely awesome.  We will be working closely together to include, encourage and value our young republicans in our county.  We tentatively have a gathering planned to invite all of our youth. If you would like to volunteer for that event, please email Cheryl.  

I also met with a group of four gentlemen who are IT and data EXPERTS.  They are interested in volunteering to manage our data and really make a difference.  Candidates will appreciate this when the time comes that they desperately need quick, clear and concise data. 

Samuel has agreed to GIS map each of the races that we find we have candidates running for office in.  This will ensure that each candidate is running off of a set of clear and concise maps.  Thank you Samuel. 

The Hispanic Conservatives Outreach Committee has been meeting weekly.  I attended Thursday night’s meeting briefly and am excited to see what this committee has planned for outreach activities.  Thank you Isabella for chairing this committee.

Upcoming Trainings: 

Election Integrity:  No dates yet, will update when we have them. Pam Wolfe has agreed to chair the Election Integrity Team!  Thank you Pam!

Headquarters Operation Training: If you are interested in working at HQ, it is super important that we are all on the same page, communicating clearly and correctly to visitors.  Please email Cheryl de Young to get on that list.  Isabella has provided a list of names that are interested in “manning the office”.  cheryldeyoung.

Past Events:

The rodeo was an absolute success.  Five weekends of exposure, community support and a LOT of work. Thank you to everyone who came out, volunteered and supported! This is one of those things that will help not only our county, but other counties in NM as well as neighboring states.  

Food Boxes:  I believe we are nearing the end of the food box giveaways.  It looks like we will be running those every other week rather than every weekend and the program is slowly finishing out.  Either way, when you get to look in the people’s eyes, it reminds us that this is why we are involved.  This is why we work so hard. 

Upcoming Events:

Fundraiser:  We are having the “1st Annual Legislative Round Up Fundraiser Dinner” at the Picacho Hills Country Club. Ticket sales will open later this week.  VIP tickets are currently being sold and we expect to run out by Tuesday. If you know a business owner or a local community leader that would appreciate a VIP ticket, please let me know.  Legislators have committed to attend and present in a panel forum are as follows:  Luis Terrazas, Rebecca Dow, James Townsend, Mark Moores, (more to come) and Yvette Herrell will be our guest speaker.  

Our Team:

We are currently seeking:

  •                 General Volunteer Coordination
  •                 Election Integrity Coordination – DONE! Thank you Pam Wolfe!
  •                 Events Management (general organization and POC)
  •                 Aggressive Business Level Fund Raising


If we intend to support and assist our candidates, we absolutely must raise funds.  


Democrats are pushing hard to raise New Mexico’s gas tax. The Senate Finance Committee will likely soon take up SB-168, which would increase the gasoline excise tax from 17 cents to 22 cents per gallon. The idea is that the extra contributions would raise over $63 million annually once fully phased in by 2025–mostly for the state road fund. This legislation has already cleared the Senate Taxation, Business and Transportation Committee. 

This is no time to tax New Mexicans harder as they try to cope with the hardships of the pandemic. People are hurting and suffering. Unemployment is up and businesses and livelihoods crushed. Now Democrats want to tax them more?

The bill, sponsored by two Democrats, is another tax and spend move to generate revenue.

CALL TO ACTION: Contact the leaders of the Senate Finance Committee and tell them not to approve another tax hike!

Chair: George Munoz               (505) 722-0191  [email protected]
Vice Chair: Nancy Rodriguez   (505) 983-8913  [email protected]

National, State, and Local Republican Party Celebrate
‘Women’s History Month’

The local Republican Party of Dona Ana County (DARP) joins with the State and National party celebrating ‘Women’s History Month.’  The month of March is a time to honor the many incredible and important achievements of all women.

The Republican party has always championed the cause of women everywhere.  From their drive for the rights of women to vote to unwavering support for the principles and values of equal opportunities and liberty.

DARP is proud and honored to be part of Women’s History Month! We are unified in our salute to women then and now, who are inspirational examples for the generation of women trailblazers on the horizon.

The impact of women’s accomplishments is seen in fields such as politics, business, science, medicine, technology, culture, and society.  From Abigail Adams to Susan B. Anthony to Rosa Parks, the timeline of women’s history milestones stretches back to the founding of the United States.

The Republican party has strong roots in the fight for the rights of women. On March 20, 1854, “50 men, 3 women, and 1 child” met in a small, frame schoolhouse in Ripon, Wisconsin to discuss the creation of a new political party. A new committed party was ready to stand firm against the spread of slavery into the new western territories. They chose the name “Republican.”

Within six short years, the Republican party had achieved national status by electing its first president, Abraham Lincoln. The fight for women’s rights would continue during the 1900’s. The 19th Amendment was adopted on August 18,1920 giving women the right to vote. The Republican party supported women suffrage, endearing itself to reformers like Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Lucy Stone who self-identified as Republicans.

An amazing tidbit of American history is four years before the passage of the 19th Amendment, Montana Republicans elected Jeanette Rankin to the House of Representatives. She was the first woman elected to federal office.  She said, “I may be the first woman member of Congress, but I won’t be the last.”  How true that statement was!  Rankin guided the woman suffrage amendment through Congress.

For more than 150 plus years, women have been an active and vital force in the Republican Party and they will continue their stellar accomplishments for the good of all people.

“And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” Mordecai’s statement to Esther (Esther 4:14).

The Republican Party has proven itself to be the party of opportunity and the party of true equality.

Our Mission is Clear:

We seek limited government, lower taxes, less spending and individual liberty and freedom. We’re the party of the Grassroots and we want you involved today to keep the Land of Enchantment free and prosperous with proven conservative principles!

We’re the party of the Grassroots and we want you involved today!

Our specific goals are to grow the Republican Party by reaching new voters, advance the Platform, which is grounded in conservative principle, and to keep New Mexico prosperous and free.

Remembering the Life and Legacy of Rush Limbaugh
(January 12, 1951 – February 17, 2021)

“Rush was an extraordinary man,” Kathryn Limbaugh said. “A gentle giant. Brilliant, quick-witted, genuinely kind. Extremely generous. Passionate. Courageous. And the hardest working person I know.”

She added: “From today on, there will be a tremendous void in our lives, and on the radio.”

Thank you, Mr. Limbaugh for your many years advocating for conservative values.

Mrs. Limbaugh, we will also feel that void.
May he Rest in Peace.

Providing Dona Ana County a Voice to
Promote Conservative Principles and Protect Your Freedoms

“The NRA believes America’s laws were made to be obeyed and that our Constitutional liberties are just as important today as 200 years ago. And by the way, the Constitution does not say Government shall decree the right to keep and bear arms. The Constitution says ‘The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.'” ~ Ronald Reagan

SB224  Relating to Gun Safety; Creating the Crime of Failure to Secure a Firearm; Providing a Penalty.

What To Know
Another bill that chips away at your 2nd Amendment Rights!

SB 224 reads as follows: “It is an offense for a firearm owner or authorized user to store or keep a firearm in any premises unless the firearm is secured in a locked container or secured by a gun lock or other means so as to render the firearms inaccessible or unusable to any person other than the owner or authorized user.”

You could be fined up to $500 for failing to do so, or $1,000 if a minor, an “at risk” person or a prohibited person obtains the firearm.  Both are misdemeanor penalties.

The bill further reads: “A minor may be an authorized user only if the minor is at least twelve years of age and has successfully completed a firearm safety training course.”  This bill clearly states that parents can not teach their own children firearm safety and would be charged with a misdeamor if they did so.
 “We the People” Action Needed Now!

Tomorrow, Wednesday (February 17), SB224 has been assigned to the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee for review at 1:30 pm.  You can watch and participate in this hearing by going to (select the meeting webcast). It is important to let the committee members know that SB224 must not be passed.  Contact these Senators:

Gerald Ortiz y Pino (D)      (505) 397-8839    [email protected]
Bill Tallman (D)                   (505) 397-8854   [email protected]
Gregg Schmedes (R)         (505) 986-4395   [email protected]
David M. Gallegos (R)        (505) 986-4278  [email protected]
Stuart Ingle (R)                   (505) 986-4702  [email protected]
Brenda G. McKenna (D)     (505) 397-8834  [email protected]
Antoinette Sedillo Lopez (D)(505) 397-8847  [email protected]
Elizabeth “Liz” Stefanics (D) (505) 397-8851 [email protected]

Tuesday, February 16, at 10 am
Las Cruces Public Schools Admin building
505 S Main. , Las Cruces, NM
Vice News will be covering this event as part of their story
on the progress of ‘reopening’ Schools in Las Cruces.
There will be a nationally-covered public gathering to object to the timid and inadequate ‘re-opening’ plan to get our kids back in school.  This plan will be presented to the school board Tuesday.
Our kids don’t simply need to sit in a classroom and be essentially babysat as high schoolers while they do their online Zoom lessons. They need REAL instruction.
The local teachers Union is advocating for its teachers to remain in remote learning environments and the district is cow-towing to their demands. Even the CDC has officially released data showing that teachers need to return to school and it is safe to do so without the vaccine. Our kids deserve better.
At the elementary and middle school level, teachers, under the pressure and advise of the NEA, are refusing to return and only those few students with HIGHEST needs will be allowed to return. ‘Need’ will be determined by data that doesn’t include or take into consideration the emotional and mental struggle a child is having in the remote learning environment. We owe it to these kids to advocate for them.
If you agree, please join us! We need HUGE numbers to send a message that demands better for our kids. The VICE News exposure allows us the opportunity to show the rest of the country our plight. Hope to see you there!

Dale Carnegie said, “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”

Yesterday was rough, and we might be tempted to say what’s the use, but we mustn’t give into that. We knew it would be hard and we don’t quit just because it appears they are winning. The pendulum always swings the other way. It may take a while, but it will happen, so be encouraged.

HB 47 the assisted suicide bill otherwise known as Elizabeth Whitefield end-of-life options will be heard in Judiciary tomorrow (yes Saturday) at 2 PM.  Below are the names of the committee members to contact and tell them to VOTE NO on this bill.   Read the full bill HERE.

Gail Chasey                     (505) 986-4411       [email protected]   
Micaela Lara Cadena      (505) 986-4210       [email protected]   
Eliseo Lee Alcon             (505) 986-4416       [email protected]   
Deborah A Armstrong     (505) 986-4344       [email protected]   
Zachary J. Cook              (505) 986-4221       [email protected]   
Brian Egolf                      (505) 986-4782        [email protected]   
Daymon Ely                    (505) 986-4243        [email protected]   
Georgene Louis              (505) 986-4329        [email protected]
Matthew McQueen         (505) 986-4423         [email protected]   
Greg Nibert                    (505) 986-4211         [email protected]   
William “Bill” R Rehm     (505) 986-4214        [email protected]   
James G Townsend       (505) 986-4757         [email protected]