With a great turnout of citizens, the Doña Ana County Board of County Commissioners voted down 3-2 a resolution that would have supported a proposed New Mexico red flag law.

The following is a first-hand report from Dave Gallus:

Well folks we have done it again!!!!!

Today we had to defend our 2nd Amendment Rights.
The County Commissioners were to vote on Resolution #11—Red Flag Laws—and send to Santa Fe, representing the will of the people.

Just before 9am I was stuck in traffic on Motel Blvd. as I was heading to the County Building. Funny thing though, the traffic was a large group of horses saddled by Cowboys for Trump. It was a beautiful sight.
But, an even more beautiful sight was the crowd that was moving into the County Chambers and even better than that was the massive crowd inside the chambers. It was packed, with very few seats vacant and many standing two deep along the walls.

After the formalities of congratulating the County Service Award Recipients and presenting the Pet of the Week, Chairman Ellins, to his credit, immediately moved to Item #11 on the Agenda—Red Flag Resolution.

The young Commissioner Sanchez, the sponsor of the Resolution, tried to defend his reasoning for supporting the Red Flag Resolution. This was met with ‘boos’ and shouts from the crowd.

Then, Ellins said that considering the large crowd in attendance, he would only allow for 10 members of both sides to speak, first those in favor of the Red Flag Resolution, followed by those that opposed. His reasoning was that it would take too long for all to speak. Again this was met with shouts from the audience.

At first only one person stepped up to the microphone to support the Resolution. Then a second. Some anxious folks that were opposed stepped up thinking the approval group was finished. They were told to wait for the opponent portion of the Public Input. After they respectfully sat down another two that approved came to the microphone. Commissioner Ellins had to ask numerous times if anyone else that approved of the Resolution wanted to speak. It was obvious that he was coaxing some more support. The total number that finally came up to the mic was 6.
Once Ellins said that the approval comments were concluded, an immediate flood of participants, that were against the Red Flag Resolution, formed a line that extended outside the Chamber’s doors. I positioned myself in the front row and was quick to be the first in line.
Many people spoke, all with good information and reasonable opinion. As speakers made points the crowd erupted into cheers and applause. Commissioner Ellins had to use his gavel quite often today to try and gain order. We were loud and rowdy today and it was wonderful to see and hear.

After 10 opponents spoke, Commissioner Isabella Solis spoke. She said she believed all citizens should be given time to speak and asked for a vote of the Commissioner. Only Commissioners Solis and Gonzales agreed that the citizens should be heard.
Commissioners Ellis, Sanchez and Reynolds voted against the Citizens right to speak “…a redress of our grievances.”
Remember that folks:
Ellins, Sanchez and Reynolds did NOT want to hear anything further from us.

The sponsor of the Resolution, Sanchez, again tried to explain his reason for the resolution but was shouted into silence many times and again Chairman Ellins had to gavel the room to order.
Commissioner Gonzalez spoke against the Resolution. Thank You Commissioner
A break was called before the vote.

When the Commission reassembled a vote was taken and the question was “ a Resolution to approve the Red Flag Laws”



Commissioner Ellins said that during the break, a person, approached him and told him a true story that changed his mind, to vote against the resolution.
That Heroine is our own Niki Overton, our RPDA Secretary.     Well done NIKI!

And so folks, that is another win for Liberty.

Think of the many wins we have had since we have unified:

We fought the Las Cruces City Council twice and forced them to table the discussion about infringing on our 2nd Amendment Rights.
First at City Hall where we packed the meeting brandishing our firearms
Later at Onate High School, a gun free zone, but we still made our voices heard
            The cowards did later approve the resolution in private, but we still threated them (none of them should have been
Ward Chairman, Chuck Wendler, was voted in as Chairman of The Election Advisory Council, that was historically a Democratic Stronghold. Then the county Clerk dissolved the Election Advisory Council, since they couldn’t control it anymore.
In this past Municipal Election:
Carol Cooper was elected to the School Board
DJ Martinez retained his seat on The Soil and Water Board
Josh Smith retained his seat on the Soil and Water Board
When The Animal rights Activists tried to cancel the contract with The Wildlife Services (those that protect us from predators) we made our voices heard and shouted them down; the Contract was Renewed.
And today we packed the meeting, got rowdy, spoke out and stopped the infringement on our 2nd Amendment Rights.

To all who attended, to all who spoke and to all who support us.

Well Done!!!!

I suggest we contact:
            Commissioner Gonzalez  575-525-5804,  [email protected]
            Commissioner Ellins         575-525-5808,  [email protected]
            Commissioner Solis          575-525-5810   [email protected]
And thank them

Also Contact:
            Commissioner Sanchez    575-525-5809  [email protected]
            Commissioner Reynolds  575-525-5807  [email protected]
And tell them that we have recorded their vote and will remember come election time

Take care, stay in the fight and bring some friends,

Dave Gallus