2020 Primary Candidate Contact List

Here is a list of all Republican Candidates running for Dona Ana positions, as well as the Federal Level offices. This list has the office they are running for, phone number, email, website, and Facebook if listed.

County ClerkCheryl De Young575-496-7879[email protected]
County TreasurerBernadette Dorazio610-733-5766[email protected]  
County Commissioner Dist 4Stacie Michelle Durham575-621-8102[email protected]  
County Commissioner Dist 4Jesus Oropeza575-642-9988[email protected]
County Commissioner Dist 4Richard Reynaud575-312-0439[email protected]
County Commissioner Dist 5Robert Flors575-323-1080[email protected]
House District 33Beth Miller575-639-0953[email protected]
House District 34Dawn Ladd575-621-2746[email protected]
House District 35Richelle Ponder575-649-5676[email protected]  
House District 36Brandi Polanco575-635-0267[email protected]
House District 37Isabella Solis575-312-3511[email protected]
House District 39Luis Terrazas575-313-4262[email protected]
House District 52John Foreman575-323-4781[email protected]
House District 53Ricky Little915-539-8629[email protected]com
Senate District 31John Roberts915-497-2147[email protected]  
Senate District 35Crystal Diamond575-740-1539[email protected]
Senate District 36Kimberly Skaggs575-491-3891[email protected]
Senate District 36Roger Baker575-571-9721[email protected]
Senate District 37David Gallus856-952-7343[email protected]
Senate District 38Chuck Wendler915-479-3337[email protected] 
Congressional District 2Claire Chase575-208-4097[email protected]
Congressional District 2Yvette Herrell575-430-2113[email protected]
Congressional District 2Chris Mathys575-644-9408[email protected]
US SenateElisa Maria Martinez505-585-4110[email protected]
US SenateGavin Clarkson575-914-2846[email protected]
US SenateMark Ronchetti505-585-5013