Tuesday, February 16, at 10 am
Las Cruces Public Schools Admin building
505 S Main. , Las Cruces, NM
Vice News will be covering this event as part of their story
on the progress of ‘reopening’ Schools in Las Cruces.
There will be a nationally-covered public gathering to object to the timid and inadequate ‘re-opening’ plan to get our kids back in school.  This plan will be presented to the school board Tuesday.
Our kids don’t simply need to sit in a classroom and be essentially babysat as high schoolers while they do their online Zoom lessons. They need REAL instruction.
The local teachers Union is advocating for its teachers to remain in remote learning environments and the district is cow-towing to their demands. Even the CDC has officially released data showing that teachers need to return to school and it is safe to do so without the vaccine. Our kids deserve better.
At the elementary and middle school level, teachers, under the pressure and advise of the NEA, are refusing to return and only those few students with HIGHEST needs will be allowed to return. ‘Need’ will be determined by data that doesn’t include or take into consideration the emotional and mental struggle a child is having in the remote learning environment. We owe it to these kids to advocate for them.
If you agree, please join us! We need HUGE numbers to send a message that demands better for our kids. The VICE News exposure allows us the opportunity to show the rest of the country our plight. Hope to see you there!