This Newsletter is to focus on the legislative activities of the Roundhouse in Santa Fe. Many concerned citizens of NM seek to be part of the process and have logged on to various committee meetings to express their views. Yet, many are having to wait because of technical difficulty or the numbers of people that desire to speak. Our encouragement is to be steadfast and voice your views by calling, using e-mails and keep getting on the zoom calls frequently. Visit– go to webcast to see what hearings are going on.

Tone-Deaf In the Governor’s Mansion

     One of the most recent disheartening items came from the governor’s office. Michelle Lujan Grisham (MLG) has given significant pay increases to key staff and even to one who is running for public office. This is done during a time when New Mexico families are without jobs and income.

     Businesses are closing, people are out of work, and there is lack of direct opposition by the governor or staff to push back against Biden’s moratorium on the oil and gas industry. People need help right now. Here are two reactions about the pay increases.

   Senator Jacob Candelaria (D-Albuquerque) said, “The people who received these raises protect the governor’s political image and put out her political message. One of them I will note, Victor Reyes, is now a candidate for Congress.This is sort of the short-sided, self-interested thinking that makes people question whether or not people in government know what it’s like to work a real job or have to live a real life. I think New Mexicans have a right to be frustrated and I think the governor is a hypocrite when she does things like this, it’s a very hypocritical act” (KRQE – Feb 4, 2021).

    Senator Greg Baca (R-Minority Floor Leader) said, “There are a lot of hardworking New Mexicans out there that not only would love to have a job but much more a pay raise and they’re not getting that right now, so I think the timing of this pay raise and increase to the inner circle is really just poor judgment” (KRQE – Feb 4, 2021).

Governor’s Inner-Circle Pay Increases

Name/Position                                                                       2020                  2021
Caroline Buerkle, Deputy Chief Operations Officer             $125,001         $135,001
Diego Arencon, Deputy Chief of Staff                                  $125,001         $135,001
Teresa Casados, Chief Operating Officer                            $135,200         $146,016
Dominic Gabello, Cabinet Director                                      $133,120         $143,770
Matthew Garcia, Chief of Staff                                             $133,120        $146,016
Victor Reyes, Director of Legislative Affairs                           $93,600        $101,088
Tripp Stelnicki, Director of Communications                          $88,399        $107,000
Melissa Salazar, Director of Boards and Commissions         $78,000          $90,000
source – KRQE – Feb. 4,2021


     As we focus on things happening in Santa Fe, there is a big concern about the proposed legislation called HR1. Critics say HR1 is an attack of American liberties and will seriously impact the First Amendment and our election process for generations.

What to Know About HR1 “For the People Act”

     Radical progressives in Congress are pushing HR1 to utterly demolish the very foundation of our democracy. The intention of HR1 is to lock-in a one party control government. They are in overdrive to pass it before America wakes to see this destructive Resolution. This bill was passed by the Democrat-dominated House in 2019, however was defeated in the Senate. The concern now is the House, the Senate, and the Executive branch are controlled by progressives, canceling out moderate Democrats and Republicans voices and votes.

    This should be concerning to all moderate Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, DTS (decline to state) and conservatives Republicans everywhere.

Some Points to Know About This Partisan Bill

  • Essential safeguards that states have for protecting the electoral process would be stripped away through federal mandate by HR1.
  • The controversial vote by the mail system, which is highly susceptible to irregularities, would be expanded. The bill would also require mandatory early voting.
  • HR1 would include components undermining states efforts to clean up their voter rolls and prohibit states having voter ID requirements.
  • Ballot harvesting would be allowed with collection by a third party to deposit ballots.
  • Washington, D.C. would be put on the path to statehood.
  • The bill would have nationwide ‘Motor Voter’ registration requirements. If you get a driver’s license, you are automatically registered to vote.
  • HR1 would include a national online voter registration with minimal verification requirements.
  • Convicted felons would have voting rights under HR1.
  • HR1 would restructure the Federal Election Commission (FEC) from the current bi-partisan requirement to a single majority-party control.

     There is a big coalition of left-wing nonprofit activist foundations, teachers and industrial unions, abortion groups and environments supporting HR1 with millions of dollars to lobby congress and the media to pass it.   

“We The People” Take Action NOW
     Reach out to these government officials and express your strong opposition to HR1.

The White House              (202) 456-1111
Senator Martin Heinrich    (202) 224-5521
Senator Ben Ray Lujan     (202) 224-6621 
Rep. Yvette Herrell            (202) 225-2365