UPDATE 2020-02-07 17:00
SB5 narrowly passed the NM Senate, 22-20, and now moves to the NM House. (link)

Last night SB5 passed Senate Judiciary 6-5 and is on it’s way to the Senate Floor. Now is the time to start calling and emailing your senator and tell them that you oppose this bill. We have included a copy of the bill that passed the Senate Judiciary last night for you to read. They have changed it a lot from the original, but it is still lacking in the proving that the respondent is not in the right state of mind, lack of proper due process, and they are trying to make this a criminal issue to allow the respondent access to a public defender when this is really a civil matter. Not to mention all the constitutional issues associate with this bill as well.

Here is the contact information for all the senators who represent Dona Ana County as well as their phone numbers, and email addresses. We are also encouraging to not only call on their personal phone numbers listed here, and emailing them, but also call their offices at the Roundhouse by calling 505-986-4714 and asking to be transferred to their office.

Joseph Cervantes
(Sponsor of the bill)
575-526-5600[email protected]31
Ron Griggs575-439-1331[email protected]34
John Arthur Smith575-546-8546[email protected]35
Jeff Steinborn505-986-4862[email protected]36
William P. Soules575-640-0409[email protected]37
Mary Kay Papen575-524-4462[email protected]38

Here is the copy of the bill that was passed last night.