SB5 (Extreme Risk Firearm Protection Order Act) passed in the NM Senate Public Affairs Committee and will be moved to the NM Senate Judiciary Committee.  If SB5 passes in the Judiciary Committee, it will be sent to the NM Senate floor for a vote.

Contact all Members of the NM Senate Judiciary Committee and tell them that you oppose SB5.

Here’s the website:   

Scroll down the page to see the Committee Members names, starting with Cervantes.  Just click on the name and you will be transferred to the page with their info; call the “Capitol Phone” number and leave your msg. with the receptionist.

Please call your NM State Senator and tell them that you oppose SB5.  

Here’s the website to find your NM State Senator:

Save your Senator’s number because if SB5 does make it to the Senate floor for a vote, you’ll need to call them again to oppose SB5.

But wait there’s more…

The NM State House has its own Extreme Risk Firearm Protection Order Act, HB7, which is in the Public Affairs Committee.  Contact all five Members of the NM House Public Affairs Committee and tell them you oppose HB7.

Here’s the website:

Please call your NM State Representative and tell them that you oppose HB7.  

Here’s the website to find your NM State Rep:

Thank yourself for ALL the calls you can make, because our future is up to all of us!