Red Flag on it’s way to first (and maybe ONLY?) House Committee TODAY.

Today, Tuesday February 11, 2020, at 1:30 pm SB5 will be going to the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee. They are trying to pull a fast one with this bill and bypass House Judiciary and send it right to the house floor if it passes the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee today. 

Here is a contact list for the HCPAC Board and which ones really need to hear from you. If they say yes after them, then call and email. We have 2 for sure on our side and that is Candy Ezzell and Gregg Schmedes. 

NamePartyPhoneEmailOfficeLikely to Vote
Elizabeth “Liz” ThompsonD505-239-1781[email protected]314BYes
Andrea RomeroD505-490-6155[email protected]203CNYes
Candy Spence EzzellR575-625-0550[email protected]203INNo
Angelica RubioD575-616-1090[email protected]203AYes
Gregg SchmedesR505-506-6725[email protected]203HNNo

Now HCPAC can send the bill to judiciary so we need to contact Elizabeth “Liz” Thompson and push her to send this to Judiciary for legality check since they had to pass a lot of Floor Amendments on the Senate floor just to correct spelling and punctuation. Might want to emphasize to her that she might not want to be the one blamed if something like that has to happen again on the House Floor because she didn’t follow proper procedure.